Village of Glendale Crossing – January 6

Happy New Year!

We began 2017 by ministering to the seniors of the Village of Glendale Crossing in London.

It was a very cold day, and we were glad to come inside, warm up, and play some music!

It was especially warming to see the seniors join in singing. One resident named Maisy stood up and joined us at the front to sing Shall We Gather at the River.

Thank you Amanda for inviting us to sing. We look forward to joining you again in the future.




One thought on “Village of Glendale Crossing – January 6

  1. I think you are just getting too well known and soon we may never see you and that would be tragic. Seriously, so happy that you are singing for Him and also spreading cheer to many shut ins. etc. It was lovely last Sunday a.m. in our church. Cheryl, my daughter has a wretched cough so sat at the back and sure enough eventually she started to cough and had to go out but it was after all your music. She was a music teacher and had a school choir of Grades 4, 5 6 of 170 and she is really impressed with your talent and enjoys it very much. I mentioned her only because she knows music. See you in about 12 hrs. (hopefully). Lovingly, Helen S.
    (Grandma Snell).

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