stiff-family-7542Abigail is our youngest band member and brings lots of joy to her audience.

She has been playing fiddle since she was 4, and has recently started to learn the mandolin. She amazes us with her ability to play music by ear, keeping up with her older sisters.

Abigail also loves reading, cooking with Mom, playing outside, and holding her cat Maggie.



Elizabeth, our second youngest, knew at a very young age that she wanted to play the fiddle.

She’s been playing since she was 8, and is our lead fiddle. She has recently started to learn the banjo (under her brother’s guidance).

Elizabeth’s interests include reading, baking, and knitting. She loves to laugh and her smile lights up the room.



Hannah, Aaron’s twin sister, is our mandolin player.

She has been playing since she was 11.She recently picked up the fiddle and has learned it very quickly. She loves to memorize Scripture and often shares these passages and personal reflections at our concerts.

Hannah enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and crafting.



Aaron, our oldest by 5 minutes, is our banjo and dobro player.

He has been playing banjo since he was 11. He started playing dobro when he was 14.  Aaron manages our sound and website. He also enjoys speaking and sharing inspiration at our concerts.

His interests include reading, building, solving puzzles, and programming.

Mom (Heather)


Mom is the band coordinator and the bass player.

She has been playing bass since 2012, and taught piano for 6 years. She homeschools all 4 kids.

Mom enjoys making soap, gardening, cooking, and learning to homestead.

Dad (Dave)



Dad is our guitar player and has been playing since 2012.

Without his hard work and dedication to this family, we would not have had the opportunity to play the instruments we do.

Dad works as a computer build engineer and enjoys reading, chopping wood, and listening to sermons.