10th Annual Homeschool Family Camp – Sept 11-16, 2016

It was great to be back with our homeschool family at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing Iowa.

We enjoyed a week full of amazing activities, meaningful fellowship, delicious meals and sound Bible teaching. We have started counting the days again when we can be reunited with our American family. (If you want to count along with us,  go to familycampcountdown.wordpress.com)

Thank you Marlin, Becky, Gloria and Loren for all of the planning and work you and your families put into Family Camp and the love and support you have given to so many homeschooling families.


2 thoughts on “10th Annual Homeschool Family Camp – Sept 11-16, 2016

  1. Those snakes are right down scary.
    I love the part on Scripture Memorization. I feel that is a real weakness in most of our evangelical churches today and it is vitally important. Nothing can take the place of God’s Word as I know you will all agree.

  2. This recap of photos is fantastic! Loved seeing y’all! Maybe we will be able to see y’all before next camp this time! And the countdown is pretty epic=) God bless!

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